Regular Events


This summer, for your comfort, all our regular services and special events take place in our Air Conditioned Church Hall. Every week we hold a range of services and events, open to all which is listed below.
Beside our regular services we invite you to join us at our special evening events, which are listed on the Special Events PageLink to Special Events Page

Sunday Services

Sunday services are held at 6pm and finishes about 7.30


Monday Services

Monday services are held at 1.30pm and finishes about


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Spiritual Healing

Spiritual healing is a form of mediumship that deals with the physical and the emotional well-being of a patient. All out healers are SNU Certificated Healers, or are training toward SNU certification.

As it is complementary, it does not interfere with any other therapy the patient may be undergoing.

Spiritual healing should not replace any other ongoing therapy and any variation of treatment should be done with the knowledge of any medical practitioner.

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Every Tuesday 12.15 to 1.45 and 7pm to 8pm

The Healing table in our church has our healing book which was a gift from Vestry Road Church, where we place names of those who need healing in the form of prayer. If you would like like to have a name entered and unable to do so in person please do email us to have a Name placed in the Link to email Healing Book

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Development Classes or Circle

Generally there are two types of circle.

1, The Open circle is open to everyone who wishes to attend, at whatever level of awareness.
2, Closed Circles are of limited size or specialty so entry is by invitation only.

If you would like to know more about Spiritualism or develop your own psychic abilities, then our open circle may be what you are looking for.

Every Monday at 7.45


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