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Photograph of the 1928 Church
The 1928 Church

First trustees:

The first trustees of the newly founded society included:
James Alfred Taylor, a police officer who would become its’ president.
George Lloyd, a railway clerk.
Mr R. Boddington a leather merchant.
George Oaten (SNU trustee)who was then editor of the Two Worlds publication.

Church Showing new and old church picture
Present Church with image showing the original site of the Platform

Side Gate
The Original Side Gate in its new position

Before we had a church building of our own, the first of the group of people that wished to create our Spiritualist Church, originally began to gather for spiritual meetings and demonstrations of mediumship. These meetings, or communions took place in the functions rooms above the Bell And Hare public house in Tottenham to commune under the banner of spiritualism, and continued at this pub for the first nine years of our church congregations existance.

These earlier congregational meetings at the Bell And Hare pub must have proved very popular and well attended, as by 1910 our original committee had to find a larger venue to continue their good work with a congregation that, had outgrown the rooms above the Bell And Hare pub. They were forced by neccessity to hire the use of a much larger venue at The Chestnuts 684 High Road Tottenham (opposite Ruskin Road N17), under the banner of The Tottenham Spiritual Progressive Church. This move proved so popular with their growing congregation that, by 1928 they had raised enough funds to began to act on the desire of building a Spiritualist church of their own.

In November 1928, the Tottenham Spiritualist Society applied to purchase the freehold of a plot of land at 14, Linnell Road Edmonton for the sum of £90 with a contingency sum of £350 for a church to be built on that land.

It was then renamed as The Tottenham and Edmonton Spiritualist society.

The church would be in joint trust with the SNU (Spiritualists National Union) who would be represented as a national trustee by a George Oaten who was then editor of the Two Worlds publication.

The Church became in sole trust with the SNU in the 70’s and became known as Edmonton Spiritualist Church.

The church was rebuilt in 2005, our original side gate which dates back to 1928 was repositioned along side the wall of the busy A406.

Because of this Gate we have had the nick name of the 'hole in the wall' for many years." and continues to the present day.

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