Spiritual Healing
Healing Table

Spiritual healing is a form of mediumship that deals with the physical and the emotional well-being of a patient. All out healers are SNU Certificated Healers, or are training to SNU certification.

It is a divine source of energy emanating from the world of Spirit, flowing through the spirit of the 'healer' and into the spirit of the patient. This is why it is described as holistic since it resides within the inner patient and works outwards to allow the patient to feel 'whole'.

As it is complementary, it does not interfere with any other therapy the patient may be undergoing.

Spiritual healing should not replace any other ongoing therapy and any variation of treatment should be done with the knowledge of your medical practitioners.

Healing Book

The Healing table in our church has our healing book which was a gift from Vestry Road Spiritualist Church, where we place names of those who need healing in the form of prayer.

If you would like like to have a name entered and unable to do so in person please do email us to have a Name placed in the Link to email healinh prayersHealing Book






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